Atelier Serpentine
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I was born in 1974 and especially as I remember, I was fascinated always by all which shines.

My musing, my spare time crossed to treat any sorts of materials, naturally led me to 16 years, to choose this beautiful job that is the Jewelry.

At the high school Nicolas Flamel (Paris 03), I learnt to transform, to sublimate the metal, the stones, …
After the obtaining of the diploma of Jewelry Jewelry, my acquired experience with various Jewelers, in summer very enriching. Never I grew tired!

Since maintaining a few years, I let speak my imagination, my sensibility, my feelings.
My satisfaction? The gratitude of my work through my customers. The pleasure to see a woman carrying a necklace with so much pleasure as I had to design him.

From time to time I design for parades, as the election of " Miss Country Flèchois " in 2009, as well as for other events.

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