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Pomander "SALOMON"

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Medieval jewel
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- Silver and golden plated metal

Diameter: 2.3 cm
Height: 4 cm

Length of the chain: 50cm

.This jewel (not conceived by the Worshop Serpentine) is delivered to you with 5 pompoms. You can put in it perfume, essential oil, anti-mosquito or quit different products of your choice. Instead of the ball you can also put spices as cinnamon, etc..., and for the keen of lithotherapie, a small stone.

. Pomander dating from the Middle Age, is also called "Apple of amber" or "Apple of scent". He contained scents such as the amber, the chive or the musk.
. In the Renaissance, this jewel becam a cutlery object in gold or silver and decorated with pearls, enamels or precious stones. He was carried at the belt, around the neck or at the end of a rosery.

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Jewels of medieval- fantastic inspiration

Made in France




"The art is beautiful when the hand, the head and the heart work together. "

John Ruskin.

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